Sunvalley Villas Condominiums


Contact Information Page

Property Manager


    * The current property manager of the Sunvalley Villas is Mr. J. Twito. 


    * Please contact him for information related to the Home Owners Association or general

      property information.


    * Office phone: 480-924-6003

    * E-mail address:

Board of Directors


    * Current board members and officers of the Sunvalley Villas home owner's association are:


             Mr. R. Blaufus (President)

             Mr. Eric F. (Vice President)

           Ms. J. Juszak (Secretary)

            Ms. D. Krause (Treasurer)

Ms. S. Keeler        

Ms. O. Parks

Mr. J. Richardson

Mr. W. Woods


    * Current board members may be contact by e-mail at