Meeting Notices & Important Information


The ANNUAL MEETING for Sunvalley Villas will be on  SATURDAY, MARCH 2nd in clubhouse, followed by an organizational meeting to elect officers and appoint committees.

The agendas for both can be seen here:   MARCH 2 Agendas.


Sunvalley Villas wants every resident to be aware of any meeting announcements and important details regarding our villas. We encourage all members to attend meetings of the Board of Directors to stay abreast of community information.

Owners may participate in the gathering via phone call, PC, or other internet-connected devices as an alternative to attending in person. To attend by phone, see posted agenda or contact Jeff Twito (the property manager) via email to ask for the phone-in number. Click here for instructions to request to join via PC or other internet-connected devices.

Upcoming MeetingS

Board of Directors

The current volunteer Board of Directors and officials of the homeowner’s association (HOA) for 2023 are:

  • K. Arneson (President)
  • M. Anderson (Vice President)
  • Becky Rudel, non-board member (Acting Secretary)
  • M. Hunter
  • L. Krenn
  • ________ vacant


  • Architectural Committee – R. Krenn, Chairperson
  • Beautification Committee – R. Meier, Chairperson
  • Budget & Audit Committee – L. Willems, Chairperson
  • Clubhouse Committee – J. Blauffus, Chairperson
  • Landscape Committee – L. Krenn, Chairperson
  • Pool Committee – (K. Arneson), Chairperson

Owners are encouraged to sign up to serve on any committee.  Please contact committee chairperson if you would like to sign up to serve on a committee..

Rules & Policies

Dog/Pet Policy & Registration

At their meeting on January 18, 2022, the board of directors approved a revised pet/dog registration policy. Please click here to view a copy of the new dog registration policy and the general pet policy of the association. You can find a copy of the dog registration form in the forms area below.

Security Camera & Video Doorbell Installation Policy

The board of directors approved a guideline governing the installation of security cameras and video doorbells on February 17, 2020. Here is a copy of the letter and guideline that was sent to residents.

Helpful Tips & Phone Numbers